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Business leadership development will always be the heart of the University of South Africa's (Unisa) Graduate School of Business Leadership (SBL).  We believe that, although many of the attributes of leadership are constant, the challenge to all leaders is the ever changing environment in which they operate.  Therefore the SBL will take up the challenge in preparing our students towards the dynamics of a leadership position without leaving behind developing the fundamentals of leadership.

When analysing the students who decide to further their studies towards a Master or Doctor of Business Leadership or enrol for the SBL's executive education programmes, it has become clear that their common goal is to work towards a better future.  And working towards a better future takes guts and perseverance.  It takes courage and adaptability.  In our current environment it also takes a lot of innovation and entrepreneurial skills, ethical behaviour and integrity.  The late Steve Jobs said:  'Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.' We at the SBL are listening to the echo of his voice and will keep on striving  to be THE business school of choice on the continent and internationally.  We will live up to the objective to be innovators and therefore leaders.

SBL programmes pose a great challenge to any student.  We challenge them to think independently, to analyse, and to stretch yourself towards previously unreachable goals and to approach life with integrity.  Our education delivery model is Open Distance Learning (ODL) but students also attend study schools during which they attend lectures and have the opportunity to meet fellow students.  Study schools enhance our delivery to students and have proven to be a motivator for each individual student.

The SBL footprint spans from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean - touching most southern tip of South Africa via the Tropical of Capricorn, the Equator and the Tropical of Cancer up to the northern regions of Africa.  The School was established in 1969 and has an academic staff compliment of more than 20 full-time lecturers and 50 part-time lecturers and tutors. 

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