It's been 10 years since we introduced the Eduniversal ranking of the 1000 best Business Schools, offering students worldwide, a global map of the best academic institutions.

Meeting twice a year for the past 10 years, our experts from Eduniversal’s International Scientific Committee (ISC) exchange their views and expertise on the evolution of the ranked schools, introducing new schools into the official selection of the 1000 best Business Schools and improving the services Eduniversal offers to students.

The world of higher education has changed vastly over the past decade, with the advancements in the education system in a number of countries, the increase in the number of higher education institutions, the merging of institutions and schools refining their educational offer. Student expectations and perceptions have also changed over the years as more and more students have opened up to the idea of pursuing their academic endeavours abroad.

Faced with these developments, the members of the ISC have had a series of meetings and discussions, to help find the best ways Eduniversal can continue achieve its mission of providing its services to students all around the world. The works of the members of the Scientific Committee has also led to identifying new institutions that have not yet met the essential criteria to find its way into the ranking of the 1000 Best Business Schools, but are nearing to claiming a spot: the promising schools!

Recognised as the Eduniversal Selected schools, this list aims to highlight by country, institutions that can not currently obtain a Palmes of Excellence, but are following a positive course in getting there. The schools in the Eduniversal Selected list have been recognised by Eduniversal for bringing new and disruptive energy, their innovative projects and their growing potential.


In 2015 we started the process of identifying schools to be included in this new ranking league: all higher education institutions, excluding those already classified by Eduniversal, were listed and categorised by country.

This first research project conducted by the Eduniversal team, spanned beyond management institutions: all types of establishments were studied, whether they be engineering, specialized schools etc.

All institutions that had the vocation to train management people through some of their programs were also included.

The list of these establishments were then made available to the Deans & Directors of the 1000 Best Business Schools for the year 2016. Indeed, we saw the practicalities of including the expertise of Deans and Directors and their market knowledge.

This information was collected in conjunction with their Deans' Vote recommendations, and allowed the Eduniversal team to continue with the project and establish a list of the most deserving institutions. Nearly 57% of the deans and directors who participated in the 2017 Deans' Vote took the time to participate in this study and recommend promising institutions.

The nine expert members of the Scientific Committee then took over and finalised the first Eduniversal Selected list, with each member focusing on their zones. A number of "Eduniversal Selected Schools" criteria were discussed and debated at various Committee meetings.