Every year, the list of the 1,000 Best Business Schools in 154 countries is reviewed by the members of the Eduniversal’s International Scientific Committee.

Changes into the Official Selection can be made spontaneously by the International Scientific Committee ; or can be the result of a request from the concerned schools. In that case, the schools have to send to the Eduniversal Ranking Office an overall application form.

The application form to enter the system (in the 1,000 best Business Schools ranking or in the Eduniversal Selected Schools list) or to obtain a supplementary Palme of Excellence is transferred to the Eduniversal Board of Directors and to the member of the International Scientific committee responsible for the geographical zone of the concerned School. If the school’s request is approved, it will then be submitted for further approval to the entire International Scientific Committee during one of their two annual meetings. All the evaluation process is free of charge.

> If you have any questions about the process, or if you want your school to enter the system / obtain an additional Palmes d’Excellence, please contact :