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    Number of Faculty Staff 82
    Number of International Faculty Staff 3
    Number of Labs/Research Centers 1
    Total International Students
    Total Students 500
    Average international student fees (Master Program) $ 9.650
    Average domestic student fees (Master Program) $ 9.650
    Proportion of graduates employed
    Number of Careers advisors 6

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    July 2001

    Convention for the authorization to use the ePC Admission Test Graduate Studies (PEAP) property Monterrey Institute of Technology. This test will be used as a diagnostic tool and admission to graduate programs.

    College Board

    October 2007

    Academic Agreement with the College Board of Puerto Rico and Latin America through which authorizes MpD / UCB to use the Scholastic Aptitude Test (PAA) for selection and admission of new students to the university.

    Convention Global Development Learning Network (GDLN)


    March 2002

     By MpD / UCB agreement commits to develop learning programs and evaluate them in the context of the objectives of GDLN, which is to provide learning opportunities in the community of developing countries through programs of capacity building in the areas of communication and technology.

    Interinstituional Cooperation Agreement between the Bolsa de Valores SA. and the

    May 2014

    Establish bonds of cooperation to support the organization and annual implementation of the project 'ePC Stock Change', which will allow ePC students training in Stock Exchange activities of the and simulations

    Global Entrepenerur Monitor

    August 2014

    The GEM is looking for objective measurements on the entrepreneur activity of creating new businesses and strengthening existing businesses. All the research is supervised and managed by a team of Babson College, London School of Economics and the national team, in this case the ePC that coordinates and executes the various tasks of data collection, analysis and international team ultimately is responsible for drafting the fine report.














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Universidad Católica Boliviana

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