Business School Ranking in dominican-rep

Education System in Dominican-rep

Business Schools Ranking in Dominican Republic

Education System in Dominican Republic

The education system tends to apply the European model created by the Bologna convention. This means that there are three levels in higher education. The first level is a 3 year course that is awarded by the Bachillerato (Bachelor degree); then there is a post graduate program in 1 or 2 years that leads to the licenciaturas (Masters). Finally, students can pursue their studies with the Doctorado (PhD).

Eduniversal Ranking in Dominican Republic:  2 schools

Business schools with 5 Palmes:  1 school     

Business schools with 4 Palmes:  0 school     

Business schools with 3 Palmes:  0 school     

Business schools with 2 Palmes:  1 school

Business schools with 1 Palme :   1 school

Useful Sources for Studying in Dominican Republic

University and business school ranking in Dominican-rep

2 Palmes - GOOD Business School 

Rank by Palmes league Dean’s recommendation rate 2013

Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra - Departamento de Administración de Empresas


1 Palme - LOCAL Reference 

Rank by Palmes league Dean’s recommendation rate 2013

Universidad Autonoma De Santo Domingo Facultad De Ciencias Económicas Y Sociales


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