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Finland’s higher education system of is binary. It comprises Universities and Polytechnics. The Finnish higher education system comprises 20 universities and 29 polytechnics. Ten of the universities are multi-faculty universities and ten are specialized institutions. All universities are involved in both education and research and have the right to award doctorates. The polytechnics are multi-field institutions of professional higher education. They are specialized in applied research and development. Universities award first cycle university degrees, second cycle university degrees and third cycle scientific post-graduate degrees. The year is usually divided into two semesters: autumn and spring semesters. All fields of study have a restricted entry. It is advisable to international students to contact the authorities at the institution where they are seeking admission.

Eduniversal Ranking in Finland

Business Schools with 5 palms:  1

Business Schools with 4 palms:  0

Business Schools with 3 palms:  4

Business Schools with 2 palms:  0

Business Schools with 1 palm:   0

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Ministry of Education and Culture

Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council –FINHEEC

University and business school ranking in Finland

5 Palmes Of Excellence - UNIVERSAL business school with strong global influence 

Rank by Palmes league Dean’s recommendation rate 2014

Aalto University School of Business


4 Palmes Of Excellence - TOP business school with significant international influence 

Rank by Palmes league Dean’s recommendation rate 2014

Hanken School Of Economics


3 Palmes Of Excellence - EXCELLENT business school with reinforcing international influence 

Rank by Palmes league Dean’s recommendation rate 2014

Turku School of Economics TSE - University of Turku


The Faculty of Business Studies at the University of Vaasa


Eduniversal Best Masters ranking 2014/2015

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