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In Angola there is one State university, the Universidade Agostinho Neto that has existed since 1962, but under different names. It is closely ruled by the government. The Rector is appointed by the President of the Republic and the directors of faculties and schools are appointed by the Minister of Education on the Rector's recommendation. The University is financially supported by public funds and its management follows the public administration pattern. It is autonomous and is responsible to the Ministry of Education. Its governing body is the University Council. Recently, a private institution, the Universidade Católica de Angola, has been established. There are also teacher training institutes. Courses are given in Portuguese in higher education and the title ofBacharelis obtained after three years, which is the equivalent to the Bachelor degree. Students can continue their studies for two years to have a degree calledLicenciatura– the equivalent to the Master's degree. Two or three years after theLicenciatura, depending on the field of study, continued study can lead to aMestreorDoctorate. For foreign students, there are the followingadmission requirements:a secondary-school certificate and the required entrance examination that needs to be passed. In addition, good knowledge of Portuguese is required.

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Universidade Agostinho Neto - Faculdade de Economia

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  • Universidade Catolica de Angola
  • Universidade Jean Piget Angola