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Oman Statistics


Capital:  Muscat

Area:  309,500 sq km

Climate:  dry desert; hot, humid along coast; hot, dry interior; strong southwest summer monsoon (May to September) in far south

Population:  3,027,959 (July 2011 est.)

Languages:  Arabic (official), English, Baluchi, Urdu, Farsi, Indian dialects, Kiswahili, Tagalog


Government type: monarchy

National holiday: Birthday of Sultan QABOOS, 18 November (1940)

Independence Day: 1650 (expulsion of the Portuguese)

Currency: Omani rial (OMR); 1OMR= 2.60 USD ; 1 USD = 0.39 OMR

GDP: $76.53 billion (2010 est.)

GDP - per capita (PPP): $25,800 (2010 est.)

Information for Foreign Students in Oman

Obtaining a Visa

All foreigners can apply for a single-entry visa on arrival at Oman Seeb International Airport. (b) Travellers who have resided in one of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries for at least one year and who hold a valid residence permit and work card may obtain a tourist visa on arrival, provided they meet certain conditions regarding professional status. They can contact embassy/consulate for further details. Besides, for minors (under 18 years) travelling unaccompanied, a consent letter is required from one of their parents, as well as a photocopy of their father's passport. Minors should apply for a visa in advance. To get further information, you can contact the embassy or consulate.

Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman in the UK:

Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman in the USA: Tel (202) 387 1980


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All water outside the capital area should be regarded as being potentially unsafe. Water used for drinking, brushing teeth or making ice should have first been boiled or otherwise sterilised.

Oman has an extensive public health service (free to Omani nationals), with many hospitals and health centres. Treatment varies according to the location. Hospital emergency treatment is available. Health insurance is essential.


Omani Rial (OMR) = 1,000 baiza. Travelers cheques Easily exchanged. To avoid additional exchange rate charges, travellers are advised to take traveller's cheques in US Dollars.

All major credit cards are accepted here, including to a lesser extent American Express. ATMs are widely available throughout the county.

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Keeping in touch

There are Internet cafes throughout Oman. Roaming agreements exist with international mobile phone companies. Coverage is variable.

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