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Higher education is represented by academies, universities, institutes, higher colleges, etc. Currently, two systems of higher education are applied in Kyrgyzstan: traditional permanent 5-year education system and multilevel system, providing three levels of higher education: incomplete higher education, basic higher education (bachelor degree and specialty) and complete higher education (master degree and specialty teaching).

System of adult learning has acquired more importance recently. The main goal of a newly formed system of adult education is adaptation of adult population to a new social-economic environment.

The last stage of permanent education is the postgraduate education system (qualification upgrade courses and conversion teaching). Intended to be life-long education, this system represents a network of institutions of conversion teaching, different education centers, programs in the leading institutions of the country, and institutes of teaching of specialists of higher qualification through postgraduate teaching and doctorate.

American University of Central Asia

Eduniversal Ranking in Kyrgyzstan: 1 school
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Business schools with 1 Palme: 1 school

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American University of Central Asia (AUCA)

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  • Faculty of Economics and Management - Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University
  • Kyrgyz Economic University