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In Malta, schools are divided into two categories: state and private.
State schools are free to all students and can be found in all the main towns or villages in Malta and Gozo. Transport to and from school is also dree, as are books and other school materials. Parents will, however, need to buy their children's school uniform.
There are two types of private schools in Malta: church schools and independant schools. Both offer pre-primary to upper secondary education. Both types are regulated by the Ministry of Education, meaning the curricula are similar across various schools. As a rule, Church schools belong to the Catholic Church, and, thanks to an agreement with the government, don't charge school fees. The government covers salaries although parents will be asked to give an annual donation to help with school costs. Transport, school supplies and uniforms will need to be paid by the parents. To get your child into a Church School, you need to enter them into a sort of lottery. The space available varies from year to year but is, in general, pretty limited. There are good number of independent schools, and a fair number of international schools that care for foreigners in Malta. Parents pay school fees for these institutions and also need to buit school supplies, uniforms and pay for transport.

Higher education in Malta is regulated by the Education Act of 1998 and subsequent amendments. Education at tertiary level is publicly funded and is also free, and students receive a stipend as well as an allowance for academic-related expenditure.
Tertiary education is mainly provided by the University of Malta. But higher education is in the process of becoming a binary system following the foundation of the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) which is aiming at providing ISCED 5 courses.

Centrally situated in Msida, University of Malta is the hghest teaching education on the island. Some 11,000 students study at the UoM. Of these, some 650 are international students hailing from 77 countries. The University offers a wide range of full-time and part-time degrees, as well as diploma courses. The primary language of instruction at the UoM is English. 

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