Welcome to the EDUNIVERSAL Internet Sites

SMBG has always been offering Internet services and secure Websites (hereinafter called "the Sites") which are user-friendly and respectful of their users' rights.

We undertake to respect the privacy of users of these Sites. We have consequently prepared this Data Protection Notice to explain the nature of the information gathered on the various Sites when you visit them, and the ways in which it may be used.


For the purpose of the present privacy policy and terms of use, SMBG considers its user (hereinafter "Users") to be business school as indicated in the General Sales Conditions, students, and all individuals or moral persons in connection with the website contents or participating to the website.


2.1 Information collected

SMBG collects personal data on Clients, in accordance with the French law "Informatique & Libertés" of January 6th, 1978 through, inter alia, paper and electronic forms used for participation to EDUNIVERSAL website and events, answers to satisfaction questionnaires and participation to surveys as run from time to time by SMBG, information supplied in the course of visiting EDUNIVERSAL websites, including information provided upon request by SMBG to allow it to answer queries on SMBG products and services.

SMBG distinguishes two kinds of personal data supplied by its Users which are processed as described below.

Financial information
Information associated with payments, which is obtained during registration procedures (e.g. credit card numbers, bank's references, names of financial institutions and credit card expiry dates, listed by way of example but not of limitation) is classed as "Financial Information".

General information
General Information includes Users' names, addresses, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses and other personal data related to professional activities. The data collected during a User's visit to an Internet Site maintained by SMBG is also classed as General Information.

2.2 - Use of Users' information

SMBG uses Users' Financial Information exclusively for purposes of processing registration, as well as for accounting and debt collection purposes.

SMBG uses Users' General Information and share it on a need basis with other organizations, partners or contractors of SMBG, to enable or to facilitate the performance of contracts entered with the Users for the supply of products and services as well as to inform them on SMBG similar products and services. SMBG may also have to disclose General Information to comply with applicable law and/or court injunction, and to compel respect of rights, property and safety of SMBG or of third parties.

As part of SMBG exhibitions' online services, User have access to a database containing General Information, to allow them to identify the participants to the SMBG website and/or exhibition concerned and to communicate with them using their contact details, including their e-mail addresses.

2.3 Exercise of rights of access and correction of personal data and of the right to opt out

You have the right to access, rectify or object to the personal data relating to you. If you wish to exercise that right, please go to your personal restricted area.

2.4 Use by User of other Users' personal data

Each User having authorized access to SMBG websites online services commits to make a use of personal data of other User in a good faith manner in compliance with the standards of "Netiquette" and conduct of business dealings in terms mutually approved by the concerned Users. It is prohibited to use SMBG websites' online services to collect or store personal data about other Users.

Commercial use of Users' personal data made available in the course of SMBG websites' online services and not expressly agreed by the concerned User is formally prohibited and subject to court action for remedy.

The User is fully liable for conforming with applicable rules, more specifically those set forth in the EU Data Protection Directive of 1995 (95/46/EC), regarding the transfer of personal data of Clients to third countries.


The Sites managed by SMBG use a secure server to protect your financial and General information data. To the extent that these Sites offer secure server software, it is used to encrypt the information exchanged between your Web browser and our Sites. This measure ensures the security of all your transactions when you use the Sites. We follow strict security procedures when filing and using the information you supply, and may request proof of your identity before supplying you with Financial and General information. We take all reasonable steps to ensure the secrecy of your personal data and passwords.

You are fully responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your login and your password and abstaining from communicating it to any other person and you are solely liable for activities that occur under your login and password. SMBG disclaims all liabilities for inaccuracy of your personal data and in case of theft, loss, misuse, communication, fraudulent use of your login and password arising from your failure to comply with the above.


The Sites managed by SMBG may use cookies in the case of on-line purchase procedures to ensure the smooth operation of your on-line payments, to facilitate your registration procedures and to eliminate the need to input information that you have already provided during a previous visit to the Site, or in the case of sections protected by a password.

Cookies are small information files that a Website can send to the hard disk of a personal computer for traceability reasons. They are not executable programs, and cannot contain viruses or applications. The cookies used only take up a minimal amount of space on your hard disk. You can always prevent cookies from being recorded on your computer by using the options provided by your browser. However, if you do so, some parts of the Site may not operate as well as they should.


The Sites offer links to numerous sites managed by other companies than SMBG. These sites may also collect personal and non personal data. Consultation of these sites and the collection and use of personal data on these sites is subject to the terms of use and personal data protection policies of those sites. We cannot be held liable for their contents or for the use of the data you supply to those sites.


The Sites managed by SMBG are regularly monitored in order to supply you with the best service and to meet your expectations. For this purpose, we consult the statistics relating to use of our Sites and develop the Sites on the basis of this data. User statistics are anonymous.


SMBG reserves the right to modify or, in general, to update this notice at any time without prior notice. You should therefore consult it regularly.


This private policy & terms of use is subject to the French law and all litigation concerning it must be litigate in front of the court of the Registered office of SMBG.