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The Education System in Mauritius

The standard of higher education in Mauritius is maintained by the Tertiary Education Commission of Mauritius. It is also responsible for allocating funds to the public institutes. Apart from the public higher education institutes, there are also private, regional and overseas educational institutes that provide wide ranges of courses and programs. Moreover, there are several regional and overseas higher educational institutes in Mauritius. Currently, there are 10 public-funded Tertiary Education institutions and 45 private in Mauritius. As information technology, management, commerce, engineering, medicine, education and commerce are the most popular courses in the country, most of the private tertiary educational institutes in Mauritius compete to attract students in these areas. However, the overall enrolment rate is higher in the public tertiary education institutes in Mauritius.

Eduniversalin Mauritius: 1 school

Business schools with 5 Palmes: 0 school

Business schools with 4 Palmes: 0 school

Business schools with 3 Palmes: 0 school

Business schools with 2 Palmes: 1 school

Business schools with 1 Palme: 0 school


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Official Selection of the Best Business Schools in Mauritius

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University of Mauritius - Faculty of Law and Management

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  • School of Business, Management and Finance - University of Technology Mauritius