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The University Brunei Darussalam (UDB) offers undergraduate and a few graduate programs through its six faculties (colleges); this include faculties in the arts and social sciences; business, economics and policies studies; Islamic studies; Brunei studies; science; and education. Teaching is done in two languages: English and Malay, but most undergraduate programs of study are offered in the English medium, some are also offered separately in Malay.

Brunei follows a 7-3-2-2 pattern of education. This means that there are seven years of primary education (including one year of preschool), followed by a public examination known as the Primary Certificate of Education. Lower secondary education is for three years, followed by another public examination, the Lower Secondary Assessment examination. Based on the performance of an individual student and following the ninth year of schooling, he or she will be tracked into one of two streams. One stream leads to technical or vocational education that prepares the student for immediate skill-based employment after graduation; such education is provided at a number of technical and vocational institutes described below. The other 'academic' stream leads to two or three years of upper secondary education culminating in the student's appearance in the Brunei-Cambridge General Certificate of Education (GCE) examination at either the O-(Ordinary, similar to its British secondary school counterpart) or N-Levels. The GCE examinations are conducted jointly by Cambridge University's Local Examinations Syndicate and Brunei's Ministry of Education. Those not immediately prepared to take the O-Level examinations are allowed to take the N-level examinations which, if passed, give them an additional year of schooling and preparation to tackle the O-Level examinations. Finally, students with adequate achievements at the O-Level examinations can go on to two years of pre university education that prepares them for the Brunei-Cambridge A-Level (similar to the British GCE Advanced Level) examinations.

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Universiti Brunei Darussalam - UBD School of Business and Economics

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  • Faculty of Business and Management Science - Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University
  • Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) School of Business