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The Education System in Maldives

Two education systems co-exist in paralle among the islands known as the Maldives. The older schools are traditional Islamic ones where the medium of education is Dhivehi. Over the years, the government has been introducing more modern English-language ones and literacy levels are now high. Primary schools begins at age 5, and taked 5 years to complete. The Maldives National University depicted here grew out of the Maldives College of Higher Education and was inaugurated in February 2011, and has department of arts, education, engineerin technology, health sciences, hospitality & tourism ciences, Islamic studies, management & computing, and Shari'ah & law, as well centers for maritime studies and open learning. 

Students numbers are approximately 4,000, with a further 2,000 enrolled for short courses. 

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MAPS College

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  • Faculty of Business Management - Villa College
  • School of Business - Cyryx College