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Khon Kaen University - College of Graduate Study In Management (CGSM)


Khon Kaen Campus

College of Graduate Study in Management Khon Kaen University
Sunthorn-Araya Arunanonchai Building
123 Mitraparp Rd., Khon Kaen 40002 Thailand
Tel: (6643) 36-2021 Fax: (6643) 36-2020 Hotline : 08-6238-544

Khon Kaen

Khon Kaen

3 Palmes

EXCELLENT Business School

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    Number of students (per year) 688
    Number of teachers/lecturers 79
    Number of labs/research centers 6
    % of foreign students (per year) 6


    Facilities & Support Services :

    Academic and Administrative Services

    The Sunthorn-Araya Arunanonchai building is the home for CGSM. Its name is devoted to honor Mr. Sunthorn and Mrs. Araya Arunanonchai who donated more than 39 million Baht for the construction of such building which is well equipped with state - of - the art audiovisual equipment and facilities to ensure the high quality of teaching and learning environment. Moreover, CGSM library and computer center facilities will support the students to ensure their Internet access and self-learning opportunity.


    MBA students can also enjoy the privilege access to all the university's facilities; International Relations Office, Computer Services,  Library and Learning Resource Center, Accommodation, Academic Service Center, The Research and Development Institute (RDI), Institute of Learning and Teaching Innovation (ILTI), Golden Jubilee Convention Hall, Commercial Complex, Gymnasium and Sports Facilities, Health Services, Post Office, Banks, The Art and Culture Museum, and  The Mekong Institute as following:


    International Relations Office
    The center for international co-operation of the University, it provides one-stop support and services for foreign students and visitors, conducts international co-operation with foreign government and non-governmental sectors, publicizes and promotes KKU's activities to foreign institutions and organizations, manages scholarship funds and arranges and organizes international cultural activities.


    Computer Services

    The University Computer Center provides students, instructors, KKU officers with a great many personal computers for use, in addition to those available through the University services. The Central Library and each faculty also their own students with an alternative addition to these services.


    Library and Learning Resource Center

    The KKU Library system includes the Central Library and 13 faculty libraries. The University libraries provide information resources and  services in the support of teaching, research and service activities of the University and the citizens of the Northeast. At present, the library has implemented a fully integrated automation system and library users can access monographs, Thai journal articles and other medias by means of the Online Public Access Catalog. A computer network links favulty libraries on campus as well as linking with other library systems within the country and overseas. Updated information from throughout the world can be accessed via the Internet. In addition, CD-ROM databases in the Central Library are accessible to users-both on and off campus-via the University computer network and modem/telephone links.


    Lodges of 46 dormitories located within walking distance of the University food center and other services are available at reasonable prices. All of the dorms are equipped with all facilities, including electricity, water supply, sanitation system, telephone, and security. Off-campus private apartments, condos and dormitories are also available.


    Academic Service Center

    established in 1989 the Academic Service Center aims to provide academic knowledge and technical skills and experience for people in the Northeast. Through its series of both long and short training programs, it seeks to develop productive and self-reliant citizenry whilst also enhancing the relationship between the University and the regional community. 


    The Research and Development Institute (RDI)

    The Research and Development Institute was established in 1978 in the view to handle research activities in KKU. In 1981 it become the center of research and development of the northeast. RDI has driven forwards more than 160 projects with financial support from USAID during 1982-1988, and from CIDA during during 1984-1994. RDI is in charge of linking networking Pos, NGOs and Gos to organize the sustainable development in northeastern Thailand.


    Institute of Learning and Teaching Innovation (ILTI)

    The responsibility of the Institute is to develop and advance the learning and teaching (L&T) skills of students and instructors of KKU as well as those of other governmental and privatized organizations. In addition, it is to become the center of transmitting new initiatives for L&T to the public. The Institute's vision and mission encompass advancement of L&T skills in conjunction with acquiring moral principles, student centered learning, self learning and implementation of advanced technologies.


    Golden Jubilee Convention Hall

    The Golden Jubilee Convention Hall was established by KKU in commemoration of the historic 50th Anniversary of his Majesty the King's Accession to the Throne. The Hall is located at the entrance of KKU on Maliwan Rd., Just 1.5 km from downtown and 4 km from the airport. The Hall can accommodate 3,000 people with an additiional 1,100 seats on the mezzanine level. Moreover it is equipped with state-of-the-art multimedia technology such as audio-visual system, light and so forth. Ample parking space is available for 1,000 cars and up to 50 buses.


    Commercial Complex

    The University Commercial Complex is located in the center of the campus. Services include the University Book Center, the University Co-op store, dining hall, pharmacy, ATM machines, photo labs, photocopiers, a laundromat, several hairdressers, and many other shops and services.


    Gymnasium and Sports Facilities

    The University provides a range of sports facilities for general use. There is a large hall for basketball, volleyball and badminton. There are also provisions for judo, table tennis, and aerobics. Outdoor playing facilities include grass pitches for football, hockey, rugby and softball as well as tennis courts and swimming pools. There are also many multipurpose facilities around the campus.


    Health Services

    Subsidized by the University, the Students Health Service provides general practitioner medical care for students who have paid the required fee upon enrollment. Consultations are free and staff also advise on a full range of other matters such as immunizations, overseas travel and contraception. The University Hospital is one of the most modern and prestigious hospitals in the country.



    Post Office

    KKU Post Office is located at the back of the University Commercial Complex. The Post Office provides a variety of services for students and staff including buying stamps, sending mail, parcels and international phone calls and faxes. The Post Office also has secure mailbox rental at good rates.



    There are 5 bank offices offered for service: 2 Siam Commercial Bank branches, the Krung Thai Bank, the Bangkok Bank, and the Krungsri Ayuthaya Bank.


    The Art and Culture Museum

    The Museum is the center of art and culture exhibitions, cultural activities, art and handicraft and of co-operation in art and culture with other institutions. It includes an amphitheatre, two temporary exhibition rooms, and a permanent exhibition room organized to be an interactive museum, that collects information of the Northeastern culture, in order to be an educational museum and an information center for tourists.


    The Mekong Institute

    The Mekong Institute is a unique facility providing specialized training for key public and private sector personnel in the fields of economic and administrative reform. Located on the campus of Khon Kaen University in Northeast Thailand, it serves countries in the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS) of Asia: Cambodia, Laos PDR, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and the Yunnan Province of China.



    International Rating and Raking

    (1) No.33 of Best Full-time MBA program, Asia's Best MBA Schools by Asia Week in Year 2000

    (2) No.18 of Best Part-time MBA program, Asia's Best MBA Schools by Asia Week in Year 2000

    (2) 2 Palms Good Business School (Thailand - Far Eastern Asia) in Year 2008, 2009 and 2010












    AACSB International Membership



    AACSB International - Member Services

    777 South Harbour Island Boulevard,

    Suite 750

    Tampa, Florida 33602-5730 USA

    Under Application Process

    (Will be updated after application process completing)

    Under applying to be international membership in June 2011



      • University of Regina - Canada
      • Yunnan Nationalities University - China
      • Guangxi Academy of Social Science - China
      • Bangor University (Under MOU process)

    Not completed by the school

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