The Eduniversal evaluation system

Eduniversal leads four main rankings:

- Three of them are dedicated to the best programmes, firstly in France (with two separate rankings regarding the level of studies) and secondly in the world (the Best Masters & MBAs ranking). The goal of these programmes' rankings is to help millions of students all over the world to find their dream program.

- Besides that, Eduniversal leads since 2007 its Best 1,000 Business Schools in 153 countries ranking .

The Eduniversal Official Selection of the 1,000 Best Business Schools all over the world was created over the guidance of the Eduniversal International Scientific Committee. The ranking of the 1,000 best Business Schools is reviewed every year, in order to provide a current map of the best higher education institutions worldwide.

The Eduniversal System allows for an horizontal comparison within 9 geographical zones, which is different from the vertical comparison generally established by others ranking agency. Thus, the Eduniversal Ranking System doesn't compare schools from one country to another, but ranks the best schools within each country, which allows a better inclusion of the diversity of the higher education world and the specificities of each geographical areas